Social Distancing
Social Distancing
in the School

On 30th April Vidya wrote, "We are happy to inform you that we got a call from our Municipal Commissioner yesterday to carry on the distribution on 30th i.e today. The police along with DSP visited school and the surrounding areas and asked workers to sanitize.
"At about 8.30 pm yesterday, we got the news about the first Covid-19. Three cases traced in our Chittoor town and declared Red Zone.
"And they sent us information that they would initiate door delivery for supporting our parents if we agree. 

The distribution begins

"Immediately I asked our male teachers and parents to gather early morning to help with packing and the other side I asked the Clerk to inform nearly 100 parents to come to school and collect the provisions early morning 5.30 am as they are nearer to school. Everything went on well.
"Half of the parents dispersed before the coming of Nodal Officer. He helped us in distributing.
"All together we were able to distribute to 170 parents."